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To serve the business and regional communities on military matters, support the region's growing military complex, synchronize regional military-related efforts, and foster effective community partnerships to improve the quality of life for Soldiers and their Families, in order to achieve regional economic prosperity.

2014 Chair, John Baily


The Armed Forces Division meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 am to hear pertinent presentations from our military leaders and support organizations. Those interested in Armed Forces activities are encouraged to attend.


Chamber Letter to the Army in Support of Ft. Bliss
Following the Army's recent announcement that they would be conducting a Programmatic Environmental Assessment for Force Structure Realignments ( the Chamber and its Armed Forces leadership took a proactive approach to submit public comment in support of Ft. Bliss and our neighboring military installations. The Chamber strongly believes that our region provides the best economic and operational value to the Army.

Great Programs Offered at El Paso Schools
This is a wonderful resource for any military families interested in the highest caliber programs El Paso schools have to offer.

State Report on the Economic Impact of Ft. Bliss
The Texas Comptroller's Office has released this report indicating the economic impact of Ft. Bliss on the Texas economy.
Base, Community Reap Rewards of Investing in Each Other.
It was a public display of affection with a purpose....

Ft. Bliss Economic Impact Study

The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce commissioned an independent economic impact study on the economic force Fort Bliss and William Beaumont Army Medical Center contribute to the local economy. This study was made possible by funds donated by the Hunt Family Foundation.

The study revealed that Fort Bliss and William Beaumont Army Medical Center have an annual impact of nearly $6 billion on El Paso's economy. The data included in the study underscore the critical importance Ft. Bliss serves on our economic welfare, and denotes the need to protect all our of regional military assets in the face of drawbacks and budget cuts.

The Chamber hosted a successful press conference on March 8th to release the study and announce its findings with Mayor Cook, Ft. Bliss Public Affairs Office Major Joe Buccino, and Tom Thomas, civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army, all participating. As Major Buccino wisely stated, "Fort Bliss is El Paso and El Paso is Fort Bliss". There is a strong history, culture, and economy between El Paso and Fort Bliss, and the Chamber is committed to spreading this message of unity to our elected and military leaders to ensure continued growth and prosperity for the entire region.

To obtain a copy of the economic impact study, please visit CLICK HERE

In the News

On April 22nd, the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce hosted the Army's Force Structure and Restationing Listening Session in their consideration of Fort Bliss. Volunteer leadership of the Armed Forces Division prepared for the Army visit by compiling data and information pertinent to the community support, investments, and partnerships that exist between El Paso and Fort Bliss. Army officials left El Paso with a sense of not only how important Fort Bliss is to the department of defense, but how important it is to the El Paso community. For more information, please visit:

Pictured below: Chair Rick Glancey at a Press Conference to announce the Army's Listening Session (photo courtesy of Fort Bliss Public Affairs Office)

Annual AUSA Conference:

Chamber Leadership in Washington D.C. for the Annual AUSA Conference: Cary Westin (REDCO), Chuck Harre (GEPCC Chairman), John Bailey, Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler III, CG Pittard, Katherine Hammack (Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment), Richard Dayoub, Rick Glancey, CSM Kelley, Jackie Butler, and Gus Rodriguez.


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