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Small Business is Big Business
Small Business is BIG Business at The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce

Division Mission: To provide Chamber members with business opportunities, relationship-building and educational information to assist in and advocate for business growth and economic prosperity.

  • Expand and Implement Business Connect Initiatives
    • Support the needs of governmental relocated entities in their need for supplier products and services as well as the monitoring and tracking of any necessary certification and designation.
    • Provide training and assistance to suppliers.
    • Monitor the creation of a comprehensive buyer-supplier database to match bids contracts.
  • Support Fort Bliss Business Initiatives
    • Provide businesses with the necessary support and information to assure their success in capturing the potential business opportunities at Fort Bliss.
    • Schedule a series of quarterly outreach sessions with existing business organizations in areas of the community that are not normal participants in the government contracting opportunities.
  • Manage and Increase Participation of all Chamber Networking Events
    • Ensure added value to our Chamber membership.
    • Increase marketing of monthly events: Business After Hours, Purchasing Power Lunch, Roundtable Discussions, Workshops and Seminars.
  • Manage and Promote the One Stop Business Resource Center
    • Gather partners and conduct an internal audit of the facility, services and client progression.
    • Increase visibility by participating in different business community events.
    • Review the tracking process of clients. Client tracking will be conducted at 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and 18 month intervals.

Programs and Services

Business Services to take your small business up the ladder of success!

  • Business Certification Program
  • Networking Events
  • Procurement Initiatives
  • Training / Workshops
  • Outreach Initiatives
  • Fort Bliss Initiatives
  • One Stop Business Resource Center

Your Business Connect Division improves your chances for success by:

  • Providing Procurement Expertise and Training
  • Referring you directly to interested prospects
  • Providing assistance with completion the of the System for Award Management (SAM)
  • Helping you identify contracting and sub-contracting opportunities


win at networking
Why network?

Business networking is the most efficient and cost effective way to attract new business. Networking involves interacting with other business professionals for referrals, assistance, sharing ideas, joint ventures, partnerships and support.

Attending business networking events with customers can reinforce relationships with existing customers. Businesses can expand their markets by generating new business contacts with potential customers, suppliers and business partners. The most important benefit is the opportunity to meet new people and build mutually beneficial business relationships.

Listed below are the monthly events offered by your Business Connect Division:

 Business After HoursThe area’s premier networking event, which is hosted by a different company sponsor each month. These events provide opportunities for guests to meet people representing products and services in a relaxed, social setting. There’s no telling who you'll see! This event occurs on the 3rd Thursday of every other month from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Business After Hours 1  Business After Hours 2  Business After Hours 3 Business After Hours 4  Business After Hours 5

Purchasing Power LunchThis event is held at a special venue, where guests can share procurement opportunities as well as meet face to face with large businesses and prime contractors. This event occurs on the 4th Thursday of every other month at 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Location varies.

WellsFargo Sponsor

Purchasing Power Lunch  Purchasing Power Lunch 2  Purchasing Power Lunch 3  Purchasing Power Lunch 4   Purchasing Power Lunch 5


Which certification best fits your business?

Many small businesses that contract with Federal, State and Local Governments are confused by the array of different small business certifications. Your Business Development Division can present to you the basic overview of the major certifications available to small businesses. We can help you get your business certified.

Listed below are certification programs for different types of small businesses:

DB Program - Program created to help small disadvantaged businesses compete in the American economy and access the Federal procurement market.

HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) Program stimulates economic development and creates jobs in urban and rural communities by providing Federal contracting preferences to small businesses. These preferences go to small businesses that obtain HUBZone certification in part by employing staff who live in specially designated areas.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program was created to provide a level playing field for small minority and women-owned companies wanting to do business with TXDOT and other agencies receiving Federal funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Certification for women-owned businesses, one of the most widely recognized and respected certifications in the nation. Accepted by thousands of corporations within the country and a number of Federal and Government agencies.

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Designed to facilitate the participation of minority and women-owned businesses in State agency procurement opportunities.

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification for minority businesses so they can do business in corporate America.

Training & Seminars

  • Quarterly Roundtable – Provide testimonials and guidance on how to do business with Federal, State or Local Agencies
  • QTeaming Agreements (Mentor Protégé/Joint Venture) – Two sessions a year
  • Bonding
  • Strategic Alliance / Department of Commerce
  • How to present your business to the Federal, State and Local agencies
  • Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) Conference
  • Small Business Certification
  • Training with the Small Business Specialist – Proposal, Pricing, Marketing to the Federal Government and Understanding Statement of Work
  • GSA
  • FedBid
  • Business Survival Series
  • Lending Fair
  • Business Lending Workshop (Series)
  • Social Networking Workshop
  • Microsoft Office Workshop
  • Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Business Startups

Business Outreach

Provide face-to-face time with prime contractors. Sessions address the growth of the community and how it affects local businesses.

Examples of business outreach initiatives hosted by your Business Connect Division:

  • Preparing for the Growth of Ft. Bliss
    • Hotel, Motel, Car Rentals
    • Realtors, Title Companies, Mortgage Lenders
    • What does this mean to me?
    • Daycares
    • Educational Institutions
  • Future Combat Systems
  • One-on-One Sessions – Provide local business with sub-contracting, teaming and marketing opportunities with prime contractors.
  • Industry Day - Provides attendees with information on the progress of:       
    • New opportunities, Industry Days are done by the request and in partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers. This is a current and future project at Fort Bliss.
    • An opportunity to meet with prime contractors.
    • Milcon Transformation Presented by the US Army Corps of Engineers / Ft. Worth District (400 attendees)
    • Industry Day Presented by the US Army Corps of Engineers / Ft. Worth District (645 attendees)
    • Building Towards the Future Presented by ISD’s, UTEP, EPCC, Housing Authority, US Army Corps of Engineers, Ft. Bliss and 17 Prime Contractors
    • Industry Day Presented by the US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Ft. Bliss Industry Day Presented by Ft. Bliss and the Small Business Consortium.

Business Resource Center

One Stop Business Resource Center (OSBRC)

The OSBRC is dedicated to helping establish and expand businesses. The center provides a variety of management and technical assistance programs designed to help the aspiring and existing business owner.

Technical Assistance Program:

  • Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce Business Connect - Develops, retains and expands businesses by maximizing access to information, customers and capital. It serves as the host and managing partner and oversees the collaboration, development and coordination of all center partners.
  • Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) - A voluntary, nonprofit organization of highly experienced business people, most of whom are retired. Provides free, on-site business counseling to prospective and current business entrepreneurs.
  • Veterans Business Association (VBA) - The mission of the VBA is to help U.S. Armed Forces Veterans make a successful transition from active duty military services to civilian life.
  • El Paso Collaborative for Community and Economic Development - Serves the low income community by facilitating affordable housing, small business and economic development.

Access to Capital

As any business owner knows, access to capital is critical to expand, buy inventory, secure support services, advertise and more. The center can assist businesses in acquiring the funding they need through partnering organizations.

Access to Capital Partners:

  • Acción Texas - Designated as a Community Development Financial Institution and Micro-lender. Provides credit repair and loans to applicants who are often turned down by conventional lenders.
  • El Paso Collaborative for Community and Economic Development - Serves the low income community by facilitating affordable housing, small business and economic development.
  • Commercial Lenders - Assist in financing:
    Entrepreneurs with a commercial lender, providing full-service commercial loan services to small businesses. Local and regional commercial lenders include:
    • Wells Fargo Bank
    • WestStar Bank
    • First Federal Bank
    • Bank of America
    • Chase Manhattan Bank
    • Compass Bank


Business Development Procurement Opportunity

YISD Presentation

EPISD Presentation

Dedicated to providing our members access to timely, relevant new business opportunities each day of the week. In today's economic environment, businesses need to do all they can to seek and win new business. With your procurement program, Chamber members can do just that.  Not a Chamber member? Learn more about membership here.

Bid Opportunities


Bid Matching - Matching open solicitation on the Federal, State and Local level. Provide synopsis information to businesses that are matched. A listing of open solicitation (Bid Sheet) is provided to members weekly.

input sources

Discover Forecast Sales Opportunities:

      • Would early awareness of opportunities help your business?
      • Are you spending too much time searching for opportunities-or wasting your time with incomplete or inaccurate information?
      • Could you spend less time looking for partners and subcontractors?

If questions like these hit home with you, start building your Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce lead report right away. Stop searching for opportunities and start winning them. Welcome to BIDZOOM, a breakthrough in Federal, State, and Local business intelligence, where you FIND new opportunities, SELL effectively and GROW your business in the federal, state and local government.

You will get a list of qualified pre-RFQ opportunities, active forecasting leads plus rich market information that gives you custom-tailored insights and historical purchasing data that helps you find added value.

BID Keyboard

Terms & Conditions:
This service can only be used by active paid Chamber members in good standing. The service will be disabled for a member whose account becomes inactive. Without the written consent of the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, you cannot modify, copy, display, reproduce, share, sell, publish, transfer, assign or distribute Bid Opportunities or any portion thereof.

For any questions on this valuable new member service, call the Chamber.

Future Opportunities

Fort Bliss

Your Business Connect Division has established two track efforts.

Family Track

Four main efforts are put forth in the family track:

  • Welcome Kits Provided to newly arrived soldiers.
  • Information Fairs We host information fairs in the El Paso region for soldiers and family members.
  • Adopt Soldiers and their Families Receptions We are coordinating this effort through the FT Bliss Post Center Champlain’s office.
  • Coupon Books 8,500 books were distributed and 120 Chamber members participated.

Business Track

  • The business track must be viewed from both the government procurement side and non-government procurement side, such as retail sales, restaurants, etc.
  • The Chamber has developed a series of informational outreaches, which inform businesses of potential opportunities with the arrival of new troops.
  • Data base partnership – identifies expertise and specialized skills available through local providers.

Presence at Fort Bliss Welcome Center.

  • Day 1 Briefing - Welcome new soldiers to the community and provide businesses with the necessary support and information to capture business opportunities from the post.
  • Welcome Center - Information booth, which is available to only those members who are providing military discounts. Education, employment and visitor information is also available.


Q. How do I find procurement opportunities?

A. Your Chamber Business Connect can help! As a member, you are provided with a bidmatching service. Once a contract is announced, we will send you the information as well as assist you with any registrations/certifications you may need to obtain the contract. Please be sure to provide us with your NAICS (North American Industry Classification Code) in order for us to properly match your entity with contract opportunities.


Doing Business with the Federal Government

Q. How can I do business with the Federal Government?
A. First you must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM), formerly known as CCR.

What you will need:
  • D&B Legal Business Name
  • D&B Legal Business Address
  • Business Telephone Number
  • Taxpayer Name-Your Taxpayer Name might not be the same as your "D&B Legal Name."  To find your Taxpayer Name, review your tax statements from the IRS (such as a 1099 or a W-2/W-4 form).
  • Date business established
  • Number of employees
  • Products or services provided by business
  • DUNS Number
  • DoDAAC (Department of Defense Activity Address Code- This is applicable for DoD (Department of Defense) entities only.
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number)- Issued by the IRS with employees if no employees, owners social security number will be used. If a TIN is needed please call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.
  • CAGE-Commercial Government Entity Code if one has already been assigned if not, one will be assigned during SAM Registration.
  • SIC Code- Insert codes that apply to the business. If you need assistance identifying the codes your counselor will help you identify them.
  • Banking Information-EFT is used for any contract payments. Contact your bank and bank will provide all of the necessary information.
    • American Bankers Association (ABA) Routing Number
    • Bank Account Number

Please bring the completed documents to your appointment with the Business Development Division to expedite the SAM Registration process.

Q. What is SAM?
A. SAM is the Official U.S. Government system that consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.

Q How do I register?
A. Once you have obtained all information required (listed above), you can then visit to complete your registration.

Q. How long will registration take?
A. If you have all of the required information, your registration will take approximately 3-5 business days.

Q. Who should I contact once registration is complete?
A. Contact your Business Development Director – Allison Armendariz (915-629-6716 or [email protected])

Q. Where can I find federal bid opportunities?
A. All federal opportunities over $25,000 can be found on the Fed Biz Opps website, For more opportunities at Fort Bliss you may visit or visit the Directorate of Contracting office located at 2021 Club Road, Fort Bliss.

Q. What other tips does the Chamber have for doing business with the Federal Government?
A. Market your business! We suggest creating a Capability Statement Worksheet as well as including valuable information such as your DUNS Number, CAGE Code, NAICS Code and Certifications on your business cards. If you need assistance creating your Capability Statement Worksheet or finding information such as your NAICS Code, etc., contact your Business Development Director - Allison Armendariz (915-629-6716 or [email protected]).  This is a free service to Chamber members.

Helpful Information

Conduct research about the Army customer you are trying to sell to:

Subcontracting Opportunities with Department of Defense Prime Contractors

Selling products through a GSA Schedule