Terry McGreehan

Terry McGreehan, ADP
Vice President, General Manager 


The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce plays a critical role in advocating for business at the state and federal level. This sometimes-difficult task is made easier by having a partner with you every step of the way.

As an active member, ADP absolutely looks for The Greater Chamber
to represent the economic health of the region. We chose to locate in
El Paso and we also chose to become active members; ADP, our Solution Center, and our 1,100 El Paso employees continue to benefit from the continued partnership.

Derrick Aguilar

Derick Aguilar

Security Service Federal Credit Union


The Greater Chamber of Commerce is a critical piece in our efforts to develop awareness among our consumers and business partners. Being new to the El Paso market, we didn't have many local connections, awareness or ties to the comunity.

Our membership and involvement have resulted in the development of key business relationships that, for us, have generated business. It also affords us the opportunity to give back to the city of El Paso.

I am a firm believer that we continue to maximize our membership with The Chamber by staying engaged. What you get out of it is what you put into it. Members that participate in the programs made avaliable by the Greater Chamber should see immediate benefits to their business.

Ceci Miles Mulvhill

Ceci Miles Mulvhill

Ceci Miles Mulvhill
RMPersonnel Inc.


The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce helped me elevate my business.
As a native of El Paso, I was aware of the outstanding reputation of The Chamber and knew

participate in programs, discussions and networking.
The programs elevated my knowledge of local issues and gave me an advantage over my

El Paso was the key to our growth. The support and guidance I received from The Chamber propelled RMPersonnel to the next level.

Many opportunities came my way because of membership in The Chamber, and through the years I have been able to give back. I am pleased to support the community of El Paso that has been so generous to RMPersonnel for the past 23 years. 

Ceci Miles Mulvhill Signature

John Quinn

John Quinn

John Quinn
General Manager, Freeport McMoRan

Driving Economic Development

We value our partnership with the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce and support their efforts to enhance economic prosperity within the region. Economic Development is real and with it comes positive growth.

With that growth it becomes necessary for businesses in El Paso and our region to have a reliable advocate on their side. 

The Chamber does just that. They serve as an advocate for the El Paso business community at all levels of government - local state and national.

We are proud of members of the Chamber and we are proud of their efforts to drive local economic development.

John Quinn Signature

Mike Guerra

Mike Guerra

Mike Guerra
General Manager, Guerra Investment Advisors

Leadership El Paso

The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce plays an intricate roll in developing the current and future leaders of our ever-advancing community. Through Leadership El Paso, the Chamber provides those leaders a critical key in advancing their knowledge about all facets of the El Paso community, then engages those leaders in roles to help our region progress.

Personally, Leadership El Paso and the Chamber have been a pivotal force in providing me the opportunity to learn about my community and meet people that have help in growing my social and professional networks, which ultimately grows my business. 

Mike Guerra

Mike Ziegler

Mike Guerra

Mike Ziegler
PRIDE Industries

Business. Partners

I appreciate the incredible work of  The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce. They represent interests well beyond the business community.

The Chamber excels at bringing people together at the local, state and federal level to advance economic opportunities in the entire region, connecting business with leaders from labor, education, and public sectors.

PRIDE Industries provides base operating support services at Fort Bliss, creating jobs for nearly 400 local individuals. In addition we are proud partners with more than 300 local subcontractors and vendor suppliers. We are also a leading nonprofit employer of people with disabilities. 

I rely on the expertise of the Chamber to help PRIDE effectively connect with local business and the community in El Paso. Chamber membership is a great benefit for our employees and local business partners. 

Working together, The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce helps PRIDE Industries be effective in El Paso, and is proud to continue as active members. 

Mike Ziegler