Stephanie Bottoni
Stephanie Bottoni
Grants Coordinator

Born in El Paso to a military family, Stephanie spent her formative years traveling everywhere from Germany to Virginia. Following her vast journey around the world, Stephanie found her way back to El Paso and now utilizes her worldly experience every day aa EPC.

As a UTEP graduate, Stephanie holds much pride for the city that she calls home. After pursuing her Communication Studies degree, she began serving her El Paso community as an administrator at Ft. Bliss; she now demonstrates her experience through her daily work at EPC.

Currently, Stephanie serves as EPC’s Grants Coordinator. From ensuring scheduling organization and developing our app to acting as a liaison between our office and building management, Stephanie plays many roles that ensure the functionality and success of our organization.

When she isn’t managing the twists and turns of everyday life, Stephanie is searching for actual rollercoasters to try. In her own words, “anything that’s a scary ride…sign me up!”

Stephanie can be reached at

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