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El Paso Chamber Committees exist to serve a variety of needs and audiences within EPC and in the greater El Paso community. Committees are used for internal operations such as welcoming new members, budget planning, and gathering insight on external issues like mobility and border relations to provide better opportunities for connecting, coaching, and advocating.

Members are invited to join committees to share expertise and gain new insight. The committees marked with an asterisk require an additional application process for admission.

Chair: Marcus Taylor

Ambassadors are a highly motivated and enthusiastic group of special volunteers that perform several key functions for the El Paso Chamber. The Committee members serve as the welcome wagon, cheerleaders, mentors, counselors, and guides. They assist EPC in assuring that its members are well informed and are receiving the full measure of service, support and resources available to them.

Governing Advisory Board*
Chair: Max Villaronga

The Governing Advisory Board is a group of longtime El Paso Chamber advocates who provide important advice on community need and the EPC’s work. They are also responsible for electing the Board of Directors each year.

Foundation Board
Chair: Steffen Poessiger

The Foundation Board serves as an oversight board for the El Paso Chamber’s Foundation. The Foundation is a wholly owned subsidiary of EPC and exists only to support EPC. It is also deployed to serve as a financial agent for the DCL Infrastructure, EPC Future Fund and TEDxElPaso among others.

Education & Workforce Committee
Chair: Larry John Porras

The committee focuses on advocacy for education and workforce issues that impact members as well as creating opportunities to coach small and medium enterprises through new training protocols and workforce development issues.

El Paso Mobility Coalition*
Chair: Ted Houghton

The Mobility Coalition is focused on advocating for transportation initiatives and funding for the El Paso region.

Finance Committee*

The committee’s primary responsibility is to provide financial oversight for the El Paso Chamber. The committee’s portfolio includes the oversight of budgeting, financial planning, and financial reporting to EPC’s board and executive leadership.

Government Relations Committee
Chair: Elizabeth O’Hara and Joe Riccillo

The Government Relations Committee focuses on policy issue advocacy on behalf of members and the El Paso community. Advocacy efforts are guided by committee member participation, research, and policy paper production. The committee also serves in an advisory capacity to other EPC committees. The committee also provides reports on Infrastructure, Healthcare, Cross Border Relations, Education and Workforce, Shared Value, Aerospace & Defense, MVAC, BOD, and EMCO.

Shared Value Initiative*
Chair: Elizabeth O’Hara

The Shared Value Initiative is a group of local businesses focused on helping El Paso meet the UN’s Sustainability goals. The SVI draws on the collective wisdom of EPC’s membership and El Paso’s community leaders to develop collaborative, shared-value projects between businesses and the community. Through discussions, debates, and data, SVI will chart a new and purposeful way forward in the El Paso Metropolitan Area.

Military & Veterans Affairs Committee
Chair: Ben Miranda and Karl Murphy

The Military Affairs Committee focuses on serving the business and regional communities on military matters, support the region’s military complex, synchronize regional military-related efforts, and foster effective community partnerships to improve the quality of life, schools, and job opportunities for Armed Forces members, their families, and Veterans in order to achieve regional economic prosperity and growth.

Pride Committee
Chair: Art Gloria

This committee focuses on developing training, mentorship, and networking opportunities for LGBTQ business owners and allies within the region.

Women in Business Committee
Chair: Kelley Baker and Ames Davis

The committee advises the Women in Business program on issues related to empowerment and leadership for women, as well as providing support for the Women in Business Conference. Support from the committee includes leadership and connection opportunities as well as specific mentorship for women involved in small and medium enterprises.

Healthcare Committee
Chair: Rob Anderson

The healthcare committee explores local issues that inform EPC’s advocacy on healthcare. In 2021, the committee will be focused not just on the general issues facing El Paso’s healthcare industry but also on key issues that are expected to be of importance during the year.

Small Business Advisory Council
Chair: Cristina Bringas

The Small Business Advisory Council (SBAC) focuses on increasing access to coaching and capital for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition, SBAC serves as an intra-committee liaison and is responsible for ensuring other EPC committees are up to date on changes to relevant legislation and policy.

Black Leaders Committee
Chair: Marcus Taylor

This newly-developing committee focuses on developing training, mentorship, and networking opportunities for Black business owners and allies within the region. Inquire with Mia learn more!