EPC Supports Proposition 2
EPC Supports Proposition 2

To El Paso Stakeholders,

The El Paso Chamber, through the El Paso Mobility Coalition (“EMCO”), aggressively advocates for policies and projects that address our community’s current and future transportation needs. By working with local transportation administrators, business leaders, and our elected officials we are helping to shape El Paso’s transportation future.

As Texas’s population is on pace to nearly double in the next thirty years, creative public policies must be pursued so that our state’s transportation demands are met. In that effort, the Texas Legislature passed bipartisan legislation to allow Texas counties to create transportation zones and bond off the increment increase in ad valorem revenue within a zone – a capability that Texas municipalities currently use. This revenue is then used for helping to fund transportation projects or to qualify for federal and state transportation dollars. The legislation does not create or raise any taxes, rather it allows for future revenue to be specifically allocated for transportation infrastructure within a transportation zone.

In sum, the El Paso Chamber supports Proposition 2 and its measures, as it will help local governments in Texas better plan for their transportation futures and enhance future job growth in the El Paso region.

David Jerome, President & CEO, EPC