El Paso Mobility Coalition

El Paso Mobility Coalition

The Future of Transportation in El Paso Region EPC El Paso Mobility Coalition

In 2019, the El Paso Chamber created the vehicle for our continued advocacy success with the launch of the El Paso Mobility Coalition (EMCo). EMCo’s membership consists of regional leaders from the business sector, governmental organizations, and representatives from El Paso’s class of elected officials. In terms of specifics, EMCo will achieve these important objectives through a robust transportation plan that is data driven, regional, for today and tomorrow, and aligned at the local, state, and federal levels. The El Paso Chamber and EMCo believe that success in transportation planning and advocacy will ultimately result in our region realizing its potential as an economically competitive international region.

Foundational Objectives

1. Ensure benefits of transportation flow to El Paso region today and tomorrow
2. Align and advocate transportation policy in Washington, DC and Austin
3. Align and advocate transportation planning with El Paso City, County, MPO and RMA

Key Projects
I-10 Segment 2

The Reimagine I-10 Downtown project is a breakout project from Segment 2 in the Reimagine I-10 55-mile corridor study. The project limits are from Executive Center Boulevard to Loop 478 (Copia St), which includes the downtown El Paso area. The length of the project is approximately 5.6 miles.

I-10 accounts for over a quarter of all vehicle miles traveled in the El Paso region. Out of Texas’s 100 most congested roadways, this segment ranked 69th in 2017, resulting in an annual cost of delay of approximately $14 million.


The downtown section of I-10 is over 50 years in age and has been experiencing high truck load size and traffic volumes beyond its intended design. Because of this, I-10 is experiencing deterioration of pavement and bridge conditions.

Key Benefits

In the No Build scenario, I-10 traffic is anticipated to experience speeds of 16 mph in the eastbound direction and 27 mph in the westbound direction, resulting in a failing level of service in the PM peak hour for 2042. The build scenario increases these travel speeds to 56 mph and 60 mph which results in an acceptable level of service in the PM peak hour for 2042.

  • Improves mobility and circulation by facilitating east-west movement through and within the corridor
  • Increases capacity and intersection efficiency
  • Minimizes environmental impact
  • Incorporates innovative uses of transportation alternatives through adaptive/special purpose lanes
  • Improves transit service
  • Improves bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Facilitates intermodal connectivity and access for goods and freight transport.
Downtown El Paso Green Cap

The Downtown El Paso Green Cap is a proposed park space cap above I-10 in downtown El Paso spanning all, or some, of the area between the Prospect Street Bridge and the Campbell Street Bridge (east/west) and bounded by approximately Yandell Drive and Wyoming Avenue. The project would be sequenced as part of Segment 2 of the Go10 El Paso project (Executive Center to Raynolds Street) and would commence after the downtown portion of Segment 2 is finished which is scheduled to occur sometime after 2024.

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation is working to support the Downtown El Paso Green Cap with the Downtown Deck Plaza Foundation.

Coalition Members
Ted Houghton
Chairman of the El Paso Mobility Coalition

El Paso Mobility Coalition Members