April EPC Business Highlight: CDA Architects
April EPC Business Highlight: CDA Architects

Every month, the El Paso Chamber highlights one member business to impart their business acumen and learnings about doing business in El Paso. This month, we selected CDA Architects to be our April Business Highlight. Founders Carl Daniel, Hugo Saldana, and Steve Franco shared with us what makes their business a success.

What does it mean to be a member of the El Paso Chamber?

“We feel as a member of the El Paso Chamber, that we have more opportunities to be involved in current business activities and the creation of new relationships with active professionals and businessmen in the community.”

What is so special about doing business in El Paso?

“Our participation in providing services to El Paso and doing business here is investing in our kids future, the citizens of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. It also means moving the economy forward.”

What is one word that describes your business and why?

“Service - We provide our clients with the best professional services, we listen to their ideas and we provide that best possible design for their projects based on their current budgets.”

What makes your business successful?

“Our business is successful because of our service, creativity, collaboration and commitment to our clients. 80% of our clients are returning clients.”

Elevator Pitch on what your business means to the community and how they contribute to the community.

“Our strength is on our design skills which provides us with the necessary tools to analyze and resolve problems which are inherent in planning a functional and yet, aesthetically pleasant building.”

What is your favorite business quote? Personal or other.

“The ability to listen to clients translates to successful projects.”

What is one take away that you have learned from business that you could share with others?

“Be honest, if the project is too big for the budget, let the client know.”